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Name Players Gamemode Language
[GER] hosted by CDN EarlyAuth 133/800 Roleplay German | Next Generation Gaming Roleplay | Beta Rp Text Samp 0/4000 rp English
[GER] [Hardcore-Roleplay] CDN 55/4095 Homestate German
German Classic Roleplay | Open Alpha | Hosted by Avoro 48/500 Roleplay German
[FR] GTA V RP | CTG | Coopa CDN 43/1000 Roleplay French
[FR-RP]UpLIFE Roleplay [V1] CDN Teamspeak Voice Roleplay V1 Tout reprend à zero! 43/512 RolePlay French
[VOICE] Roleplay 32/128 Roleplay German
[GER] PhoenixRP CDN 26/512 PhoenixRP German
[Magyar] [HU] oneRP v0.4.1 || Open Beta CDN Voice Magyar Text RolePlay 14/512 RolePlay Hungarian
[DE]Unknown-Life - hosted by Roleplay Deutsch Voice 10/512 Realistic Roleplay German
[FR] SA-ROLEPLAY.FR | BETA | v0.6.5 RPG Teamspeak Script-Unique SAMP-Like 10/250 RolePlay French
[DE] LuckyV - [Alpha] CDN 6/1000 Hardcore Roleplay German
Simple Freeroam Server No Rules All Weapons All Vehicles 2/128 Freeroam English
[DE][RP] Dreamstate | Alpha | Whitelist CDN 2/512 Roleplay German
[EN] Paradigm Roleplay Server Roleplay Text Realstic Economy 1/500 Roleplay English
[GER] LoyalLife 2.0 | Hardcore Roleplay | Closed-Alpha | by avor Roleplay Mods 1/50 RolePlay German
[HUN]Angelo teszt Text 0/128 Roleplay English
[TESTSERVER] - Powered by NEXFIRE.GAMING Community CDN 0/128 Roleplay German
GameUnity.TV - DEV 0/1000 RP German
dafe egy buzi 0/128 Hatnemtudom Hungarian
[GER] Atropity Roleplay 0/500 Roleplay German
??????????????? Voice RP Serieux Vocal3D 0/4095 Mistery RolePlay? French
[GER] 0/128 Roleplay German | Gun Game Gungame Deathmatch Freeplay 0/64 Gun Game English
Animation & TimeCycle Viewer | by PlebMasters Viewer Animations TimeCycle 0/25 Viewer English
[GER] | Hardcore RP | hosted by CDN Hardcore RP Car Mods 0/500 RoyalRP Pink German
New Neo Generation Infinity Unlimited Ultimate Wild United Dream 0/128 Roleplay-Reallife-CT German
Durty Map Editor | Multiplayer Mapping & Tools Map Editor Mapping Scripting Tools 0/32 Durty Map Editor English
[WS] Untested. Akina & Irohazaka | Drift Freeroam v0.13.4 0/200 drift Unknown
Bastelstube DEV Reallife Development 0/1024 Bastelscript German
[FR] Sagma RP - Rejoignez nous sur Voice FR Whitelist CustomScripts OuvertureRecente 0/128 RolePlay French
alt:V Server 0/128 Freeroam English
[GER] NORDSTATE | Road from FiveM to Alt:V Project 0/500 Roleplay German
[ALPHA][51st] / 51st State - Testserver Voice 0/10 roleplay Unknown
[FR] Zarog City V1 | Vocal 3D | roleplay | Optimisé Voice RP Serieux DevActif Beta 0/4095 420 Core RolePlay French
Ultimate-G with NK Gaming Voice Crimelife German Teamspeak Voice 0/1024 Ultimate-G Crimelife German
[RU] Freeroam server EarlyAuth 0/99 Freeroam Russian Dev Server EarlyAuth EQG Roleplay SaltyChat Teamspeak³ 0/1024 roleplay German
ChoiceV Whitelist Server Whitelist 0/128 Whitelisting German
[RP] Vibe Role Play | | Closed BETA 0/500 Vibe RolePlay Polish
[FR] Landing RP [ DEV ] [SOON] 0/128 RolePlay French
[GER] | Devserver | hosted by Devserver 0/500 RoyalRP Pink German
[GER] Crime Life V | Gangwars CustomMaps 0/120 Gangwars German
[GER] - Hardcore Roleplay 0/1000 Roleplay German
Creative-Roleplay.DE | Development Server 0/10 DEV German
[GER] Level:V Roleplay [CLOSE-ALPHA] Kein Whitelist Teamspeak Voice Soft Roleplay 0/15 RP German
[GER] Planet Reallife [] | by WTH-Gaming Reallife Teamspeak Voice MTA 0/500 Reallife German
Egamesy 0/128 Freeroam RPG Unknown
[DEV] Crime Life V | Gangwars Voice CustomMaps Vactrum|CanoTV 0/120 Gangwar German
Fuel Rats | Vehicle Based CTF | Stuyk 0/128 Fuel Rats English
LosSantos-Paradise Voice 0/128 RolePlay German
MyStateV:RP Voice 0/512 Roleplay German
V: Reallife [][IN DEVELOPMENT] - DEV / Testing Server 0/40 Reallife German
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